Get professional results with every project when you know the 'Tricks of the Trade'

Get professional results with every project when you know the "Tricks of the Trade."


Dan Brady is a Certified Master Painter with over 20 years of experience and a talent for sharing his expertise through DIY videos and DVDs.  Appearances on the HGTV show Carter Can and TLC's Trading Spaces motivated Dan to produce video guides so do it yourself homeowners can get professional results in any painting or wallpaper decorating project.  Check out Dan's free video previews and his YouTube channel.


Remodeling and Home Design


Learn How to Paint a Room Like a Pro Today!

This 17-chapter easy-to-navigate HGTV style DVD covers the entire painting process from color selection to interior design.  Dan Brady introduces you to the professional tape that doesn't bleed (really!) so you can paint that razor sharp line.  He also teaches you the painting technique to cut that perfectly straight line between the wall and ceiling. 

The 17-easy-to-navigate chapters are as follows:

  1. Pick Your Paint Colors
  2. Room Prep
  3. Wall Prep
  4. Wall Prep - Fixing Cracks & Large Holes
  5. Prepping Trim
  6. Caulking Trim
  7. Taping Floor
  8. Tools & Tips
  9. Priming Repairs
  10. Rolling Out Ceiling
  11. Painting Trim
  12. Taping Trim
  13. Cutting In Walls
  14. Rolling Out Walls
  15. The Accent Wall
  16. Pulling the Tape
  17. Interior Design

Dan Brady can teach you all that and much more in graphic detail with his easy, entertaining “Tricks of the Trade” videos. It’s like inviting a master painter right into your home to guide you through the maze of painting terms and processes so that you can produce a more professional, beautiful, lasting result with whatever project you have in mind.

If you’re ready to learn to paint like a professional, your search is over – 

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